Benefits of Chiropractic Wellness Care

Ongoing preventative treatment is what the majority of our patients prefer after completing a corrective Chiropractic program to restore and/or stabilize their spinal alignment.

This program is designed to proactively address misalignments as they occur, some of which may be painless, in order to take the worry of future problems.

Are you a candidate for wellness care?

Generally, this type of program is designed for individuals and families who haven’t experienced any major trauma or stress. These patients seek to prevent pain from occurring due to environmental factors or lifestyle such as being sedentary, injuries, sports, and childhood mishaps.

Wellness CarePricing
Your Journey To Lifelong Health


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Individual Visit Fee

Feel and function better as well as prevent future episodes of soreness and pain.

$10 Off

Per Visit on a Prepaid Plan

This plan will provide you with Chiropractic care for 12 months if on a monthly plan and is typically for those individuals with a lifestyle requiring weekly or biweekly spinal check-ups.

$20 Off

 Family Plan

If you wish to introduce your entire family to the benefits of Chiropractic Wellness Care, our affordable family plans are discounted $5 to $20 off the individual fee for each additional family member (same household).

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