Corrective Care

Corrective Care

Benefits of Chiropractic Corrective Care

From your initial visit we will evaluate spinal imbalances that are contributing to your current state of health. After your initial assessment, X-rays may be used by the doctor to locate the root cause of your physical symptoms. These findings will be addressed with you and your family before any commitment to care. A comprehensive program will then be presented consisting of but not limited to spinal adjustments, soft-tissue treatment, specific spinal exercises, and an on-going re-evaluation throughout your care to ensure you reach the milestones set out in your journey towards health.

Are You a Candidate for Chiropractic Corrective Care?

If you are experiencing chronic issues and recurrent health problems from stress related to your occupation, previously unaddressed injuries, sports, scoliosis, degenerative disc and joint disease then this program is more suited to address your needs. This comprehensive program is a more suitable solution for individuals seeking long-term relief and optimal health and wellness.

Corrective CarePricing
Your Journey To Lifelong Health




Individual Visit Fee

This program requires frequent visits initially to break down the interference so you can achieve optimal nerve flow and function.

$10 Off

Per Visit for Prepaid Plans

Alleviating chronic health issues requires time. A holistic plan consisting of regular spinal checkups and treatments as needed will help set you on the right track to achieving optimal health and function into the future.

$5 to $20 

Additional Savings

We are a family-centred office. As such, should you want to introduce chiropractic to your  immediate family especially your children our affordable family plans ensure your family enjoys a lifetime of great health.