“Correct firmness and cervical support in one proven pillow”

We have been offering the Water Pillow in our offices for years and the majority of patients reported a significant difference in their sleep quality. Those that use this pillow claim that the Water Pillow has helped them fall asleep faster, have uninterrupted sleep as well as reduce neck pain. We are excited to now offer this great product for our website visitors as well!

Key Benefits:

  1. The Mediflow Water Base Design has been clinically shown to reduce morning neck pain intensity, increase pain relief and improved quality of sleep;
  2. In the Clinical Study the Water Pillow was ranked best in all categories tested including:
  • How fast subject fell asleep
  • How few times subjects woke up
  • Overall quality of sleep

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Johns Hopkins Hospital Neck-Pain and Quality-of-Sleep Study – Conclusion: Proper selection of a pillow can significantly reduce neck pain and improve quality of sleep. (Published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Volume 78.)