Note: Not all exercises are for all patients. Only follow the ones that were prescribed by Dr. Nenos for your specific care program.
Proper rehabilitation requires at-home exercises to complement your adjustments in our health clinic. By incorporating the prescribed exercises into your daily routine, you are more likely to achieve longstanding results.

Foam Roller for Hip and Knee Pain

Checking for Scoliosis

Post Partum Exercises

Wobble Cushion Exercises

L5 Spondylo

Sleeping Positions

Wearing a Wallet

Travel Exercises

Sleeping Positions

YTWL Exercise

Sitting Up Safely

Coffee: Good or Bad?


Sleep Quality

Shop with the Doc

Shop with the Doc

Healthy Snacks

Barefoot/Minimalist Footwear

Essential Supplements

Safe Shovelling Tips

Proper Denneroll Use


Proper Sleeping Positions