Note: Not all exercises are for all patients. Only follow the ones that were prescribed by Dr. Nenos for your specific care program.

Proper rehabilitation requires at-home exercises to complement your adjustments in our health clinic. By incorporating the prescribed exercises into your daily routine, you are more likely to achieve longstanding results.

Wobble Chair Exercise
Alar Ligament Left
Alar Ligament Right
Atlas (C-1) Rotation Exercise Left
Atlas (C-1) Rotation Exercise Right
Cervical Flexion Exercise
Atlas (C-1) Rotation Exercise Left
Cervical Dorsal Exercise (Compensated)
Cervical Dorsal Exercise (Uncompensated)
Chest Expander Exercise
Praying Mantis Exercise
Pit Ball/Arm Squeeze Exercise
Psoas Stretch Left Side
Psoas Stretch Right Side
Lumbar Extension Exercise
Lateral Strap Exercise Left Side
Lateral Strap Exercise Right Side
Quadratus Lumborum Left
Quadratus Lumborum Right
L-5 Spondylo Blocking Exercise
L-5 Spondylo Lower Exercise
Leg Extension Exercise
Spinal Sleeping Aids and Pelvic Wedges
Pelvic Blocking